Help people find what they are looking for – your business! Take an afternoon to hit the streets in your neighborhood (or encourage your staff) and introduce yourself to those people working or living within your immediate community. The idea is to get people talking, thinking, and ultimately raving about their experience with your company. Consider these 5 tips for an all-star influencer marketing campaign.

#1 – Focus on Businesses Within a 3-Mile Radius of Your Studio or Gym

Your target audience will be located here. Those who have dedicated time for themselves are more motivated to #getSWETI if they do not have an extra commute after a long workday.

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#2 – Distribute Offer Cards

You deserve to show off your business and what better way than offering a free class or day pass to prospects! Keep it simple with a business-sized card including contact information, a map for location reference and a free service of your choice. Once you get a new client in the door, your amazing studio or gym will sell itself, am I right?

 Post_Card_5x7 FrontPost_Card_5x7 Back


#3 – Establish Partnerships

Create a list of complementary local businesses and dedicate time to personally reach out to their team, whether you physically drop-in and introduce yourself or simply draft up an email to blast out. This initial point of contact will leave a lasting impression and potentially open the door to a future partnership.

#4 – Support Your Community

Ever thought about hosting an event outside of your studio or gym? Use your established partnerships to your advantage and it’s a win-win! Show up prepared by bringing a sign-up sheet (or iPad landing page) for prospects’ contact information, camera for social posts (encourage guests to tag themselves and share) and don’t forget to hand out those offer cards! Cross promoting locally will gather more attention from a broad audience, get you more leads, and help bring the community together!

#5 – Growing Pains

Like most relationships, building a rock-solid network will take a while to foster, and unfortunately the majority of effort, intention, and hard work that is put into marketing a business will not happen overnight. Stay focused on realistic marketing goals, whether they are short or long term and always remember where you started. Be patient and enjoy watching your business flourish over time!
Need help with marketing? SWETI Services is a fitness marketing agency that provides a full suite of marketing services designed to help fitness businesses stand out, grow, and get more customers in the door! Contact us to learn more.


Emilee Robinson, Fitness Ambassador