At this point, you’ve probably received at least one notification in Facebook informing you a friend is “live”. And for those of you who haven’t…Facebook has released a new tool where you can live stream. Read below to see how you can leverage this for your gym or fitness studio!


How to Live Stream on Facebook

It’s super simple! When logged into Facebook from your phone, click the “Status” button at the top and then click “Live Video”. You’ll be given the opportunity to write a description (make sure to do this!) and then tap “Go Live” to begin. As a best practice you’ll want to keep your video short and sweet 30-90 seconds – will do the trick!

Why This Is Amazing For Marketing Your Gym or Fitness Studio…

  • It notifies your fans and subscribers that you are “Going Live”. This is a great way to give your fans a nudge, keeping your gym at the top of their mind.
  • If your video is compelling it will encourage viewers to take action after watching. Try having a call to action at the end of the video or in the description of the video. It can even be a soft approach, like “Come by for a free tour” or “Contact us for a free 7-day trial”.
  • This is a great way to reinforce community. Let the public get to know you, your team, and your customers as real (and awesome) people.
  • Post beforehand to promote your go-live event. Some studios set up actual events in Facebook to promote it, but usually posting the day of, within 2-3 hours is sufficient.
  • Your video will be posted on your timeline after it concludes, so you’ll continue to get engagement.

Ideas For Live Videos You Could Do Today

  1. Tour of the gym or studio
  2. Interview a trainer or instructor
  3. Demo a class, personal training session, or technique
  4. Interview a customer and ask for a testimonial
  5. Cooking lesson or grocery shopping lesson
  6. Injury prevention demonstration or technique
  7. Competitions, events, fundraisers, charity events, etc.

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Tia Stone, Director of Marketing