Do you procrastinate forever before creating and sending the monthly newsletter out to your members? Sometimes something as simple as setting up an email and clicking send can look more like a giant mountain to climb. Don’t put off your email marketing strategy any longer. Check out these 7 hacks we’ve put together that will save you time, headaches and improve your email marketing.


#1 – Make a Monthly Email Calendar

It turns out you are twice as likely to do something if you’ve written down your plan in advance. Take 15 minutes to look at your calendar in month view and add a task for each day you will send an email to your members, prospects, or both. Keep in mind relevant events coming up at your gym or studio, federal holidays to mention in your content, and which day of the week your emails will fall on.


#2 – Less is More

Send no more than 1-2 emails per week to the same group of people. Anything more than that and you’ll end up with higher opt-out rates.


#3 – Copy-Edit Content Instead of Creating It from Scratch

Now obviously you can’t just copy and paste someone else’s content, but you can find an article that inspires you and write about the same topic. You can also include content that is someone else’s and then give them credit. Just make sure they aren’t a competitor!


#4 – Customer Testimonials Are a Great Addition

Keep a document saved where you add any great testimonials or feedback you receive from customers (make sure to ask permission to use the quote). Add one to the bottom of each email you send to fill extra blank space and to help sell your classes or appointments for you.


#5 – Use Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

Links are great for the less important CTA’s in your email, but for the main focus of your email use a brightly colored button. You can add these to your emails easily in your email marketing platform. Don’t forget to insert the hyperlink too!


#6 – Add a CTA to Your Email Signature

For your normal, day-to-day correspondence add a CTA link to the end of your email signature. Use the text of this link to promote a current special, get a sneak peek of a new program, sign up for a trial class or fitness consultation, etc.


#7 – Revamp Your Email Receipts

In many of the fitness business management platforms, you have the ability to change the content of the receipts you’re emailing out to your members. This is a great opportunity to change a boring, generic message to something more consistent with your brand. Start by refreshing the copy and then if you want to get fancy (and know HTML coding) you can add a branded template. Adding in a CTA for an upsell is beneficial also.


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Tia Stone, Director of Marketing