Everyone loves the chance to try before they buy — that’s why intro offers can be an easy and successful way to attract new members to your studio. In fact, our partner MINDBODY found that businesses with an intro offer attract 45% more new prospects than those without an offer. But, once they claim your offer, how do you convert intro offer customers into paying members?


Create the right kind of offer

Let’s be real: People like FREE. Introductory offers that include a complimentary trial or day pass may receive the highest response. But, if you want to give prospects the opportunity to get to know your studio and get in the habit of going regularly, (and you do!) try a discounted rate for a week of unlimited classes or a discounted class pack instead. This attracts prospects who are willing to pay for your services (always a plus!) and encourages multiple visits so that habits and consistency are built up. Keep in mind, these offers are also more effective if they have an expiration date to use the classes, usually no more than 30 days.


Promote your offer

Only promoting your intro offer on your website isn’t enough. You should also be promoting the offer with digital ads, social posts, and email campaigns designed specifically for prospects. This is an inexpensive way to get the word out about your offer and encourage people who follow your studio to actually come in and try you out. Beyond digital marketing, you can also create a simple business card-sized ‘offer card’ for your staff and your members to conveniently share your current offering with others.


Get current members involved

Your current members can be your best ambassadors, so lean on them to get potential members in the door and keep them around. Try implementing a referral program with incentives for your members if you don’t already have one, or offer them one or two free guest passes per month. If prospective members get to try out your intro offer with a friend, it’s more likely they’ll come back. According to a Stanford University Study, even a simple phone call encouraged adults to be more active. Having a friend already at your gym who can call them up to come work out can increase the chances they’ll become an active member themselves.


Follow up

Once someone has claimed your intro offer, following up is critical. You should reach out within 24 hours via phone or email, and make it personalized with their name and the intro offer they’ve claimed. Show this prospective member that you’re excited to have them stop in. Be sure to include specific calls-to-action and details regarding how someone can redeem this amazing limited-time intro offer, or if bandwidth allows, have someone from your team personally schedule the session for them.

After they’ve had a chance to use their intro offer, reach out again with a quick conversation or survey regarding the client’s experience during their intro class/trial. This step can be helpful for both parties. It’s a reminder to clients that the business actually cares about their unique experience and it provides studios the opportunity to create an ideal space for their community based on feedback from real clients.


By designing the right type of offer, utilizing the resources already available to you to market that offer, and following up appropriately, you can regularly convert intro offer customers into members.

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Emilee Robinson, Marketing Specialist