Increased revenue via more leads

Exclusive featured listings (only available on our solution)


Duplicate listing management (avoiding search engine issues)

You will obtain the ability to listen to your customers: Your business will receive notifications on reviews posted on 9+ review sites

Enhanced listings are shown to result in 416% more views


Accurate listings providing customers a better first impression

Access to click-through analytics, so you know where customers are finding your business


Your business is automatically listed in new directories as it is added to platform

Accurate tracking of customer engagement


Your business is automatically listed in 65+ directories resulting in more leads

Ability to push content, offers, images and more detailed listing information to directory sites

A growing business, resulting from the benefits of localized search

A fitness business grows via word of mouth. Therefore, most fitness businesses do not need expensive search engine (SEO) consultants. But that does not mean SEO should be ignored. Most people work out within 5 miles or 15 minutes of where they work or live, therefore we recommend a “local search” approach and optimizing your website for search to ensure your business does not miss out on leads it needs to grow. We’ve worked with gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, fitness centers, pilates studios, health clubs, nutritionists, and more.

Joe Berti

Founder, SWETI Marketing

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