It’s hard to undercut the value of having a presence for your studio on social media. Nearly half of consumers say it’s important that the brands they engage with have a strong social media presence. But, with tons of social media platforms gaining popularity and more platforms cropping up all the time, it may leave you wondering: which social media sites are best for your business?

That will likely depend on what type of business you have, who your target demographic is, and what goals you’re hoping to achieve with social media. That’s a lot to consider! So we’ve broken down the important stats you need to know know for each major social media site:


Best for:

  • Promoting regular events
  • Regularly sharing images, graphics and other tailored content
  • Live video and video content
  • Building a community with your members
  • Aggregating reviews & check-ins


Long story short: Whatever type of studio you run, you’ll probably want a Facebook page. With over 3/4 of internet users (and more than half the population!) on Facebook, it’s generally expected that a business will have a Facebook presence. Count this platform on the must-use list!


Best for:

  • Multiple updates a day
  • Taking part in trending conversations using hashtags
  • Following influencers in your space
  • Easily and regularly sharing content from other users


Long story short: Because over half of users log onto Twitter daily and users take in so much bite-sized content in every visit, it’s common practice to be posting multiple times a day and regularly engaging with your followers. If you don’t have time for that, it’s likely your page won’t take off.

But, it’s a great platform to use if your team takes part in national events, fundraisers, or community happenings so you can use hashtags and retweeting to get your brand in front of people following that event. For example, if you’re a CrossFit box that regularly participates in the CrossFit Open, you can share images of your members with #CrossFitOpen — and therefore reach more people than if you just posted the picture alone. Plus, it’s a great place to keep up with the latest trends and news in your industry.



Best for:

  • High-quality images
  • Regular video updates via Instagram stories or posts
  • Following influencers in your space
  • Getting your content in front of a relevant audience using hashtags


Long story short: The point of Instagram is simple: People want to see great photos. Whether these are photos that inspire them, make them laugh, or just remind them it’s time to get back in the gym, Instagram is a great place to get in front of people all over the country who are interested in wellness. This platform is perfect if you’ve got regular photos worth sharing.


Best for:

  • Selling a business-related product or service
  • Connecting with professionals in your industry
  • Recruiting talented team members
  • B2B marketing


Long story short: The fact of the matter is no one is going on LinkedIn to find a gym. They’re visiting LinkedIn to find a job, network, or connect with professionals in their industry. Business portfolios make up the bulk of users’ profiles, so the platform is primarily business-first. However, if you’re a larger business that’s regularly recruiting new hires, having a presence on LinkedIn may help you find talented trainers. Or, if you’re a one-person business, you can network with people in your industry using your own personal profile.



Best for:

  • Visually appealing images
  • Tips and tricks
  • Motivation
  • Graphics and high-quality images
  • Curating content based on type and theme


Long story short: If your target demographic is women in their 20’s, you’ll probably want to be on Pinterest. That age group makes up the bulk of Pinterest users, so being active on that platform can regularly get you in front of that audience.

If your business offers any sort of coaching — nutrition, exercise, wellness, etc. — Pinterest can also be a great place to highlight some of those tips and tricks to show people you’re knowledgeable and have a lot to offer. Pinterest is also a great platform to highlight merchandise you may offer. If you’ve got gear with your studio’s logo, take some photos of your trainers in the swag and pin some of those images to a dedicated “Swag Board” on your Pinterest page.


The Long & Short of It

When building your social media presence, the most important question to ask yourself is this: Who am I trying to reach, and how much time and resources do I have to put into this? Use those questions to guide which platform you dedicate time and resources too.

If you want to get really SMART about your social presence, schedule your free marketing consultation with our team today. We can offer in-the-moment tailored recommendations for how to build your own brand online.



Nicole Gartside, Content Marketing Strategist