As a business owner, I have to admit I have back in the day sent out a monthly fitness newsletter to engage my customers. I dreaded the once a month ritual and usually delegated it to someone else if I had someone on staff who showed even the slightest level of excitement about sending out a monthly newsletter. Dreading the process is still no excuse for not sending out a newsletter. So why do we recommend abandoning the monthly newsletter? Here are my reasons for abandoning your newsletter:

1. You are almost guaranteed that fewer than 30% of emails are actually opened; so we recommending sending more emails more frequently to capture different times of the day and days of the week to get full coverage on your prospects and customers.

2. The larger the email, the greater the chance of being flagged as spam, resulting in an even lower open rate. A newsletter has a high probability of being flagged as spam because the content volume is high.

3. Once a month is arbitrary. If you have content worth publishing why wait up to 3-4 weeks to publish it? Information travels quickly in today’s online world so a delay in publishing may mean a missed opportunity.

4. Individuals attention span is much lower than it used to be due to the volume of information being put in front of individuals. Why does this matter? This mean’s people are less likely to take the time to read through a newsletter that contains a large amount of content.

5. Fitness newsletters have been replaced by emails that link to blogs. At SWETI, we have completely replaced a monthly newsletter with a blog where I an post content directly on my website as soon as it is available. A link to each blog entry can be emailed, tweeted, and posted on Facebook broadening the reach of each post. This drives traffic to our website where we can do remarketing and include call’s to action to contact us.

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