,Struggling to gain new followers on Instagram? Followers that aren’t your current members, staff or family and friends? Below we’ve summarized 7 incredibly useful tips for your fitness business’ Instagram account.


  1. Body Renew Alaska Instagram ProfileMake sure your profile is complete. For the profile picture use the logo of your business (make sure its legible) and add a description with your website URL. If you are creating a brand new Instagram account, make sure that you have at least 7 photos posted before you start promoting it. Lifestyle and personal images tend to perform best, so start with those instead of something sales-y. Make sure to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts so that your Facebook friends can find you on Instagram.
  1. Interact with other people’s posts. On average there are 575 likes and 81 comments on a picture per second, so if you comment, people are 401% more likely to follow you. You will need to consistently comment on other people’s images. You can do this by searching for certain hashtags (see hashtag examples below). It’s also important to comment within a couple days of the image being posted. Additionally, if you comment on photos with less than five existing comments there is a higher ROI.


  1. Searching for places in Instagram“Like” LOTS of images. You can increase your followers by a couple hundred per day by randomly liking thousands of images a day. They will obviously not be your target market 100%, so we recommend searching places nearby your gym’s location and liking those posts instead. Try searching for large tech companies nearby, parks, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. This will get your brand out to people who live and/or work nearby, which will be much warmer leads.


  1. Step up your hashtag game. A quick Google search will get you the most popular hashtags currently, i.e., #fitness, #transformationtuesday, #mcm, #wcw, #fitfam, #fitspo, #gymtime, #gainz, #workout, and so on. Take it a step further and embed a hashtagged feed of Instagram posts on your website. That way website visitors can easily follow you. WordPress has plug-ins that do this!


  1. Geolocation tagging InstagramGeo-tag all your posts. Geo-tagging a post is when you choose your location. Based on Instagram’s data, adding a location increases engagement by 79%! Instagram recently released a photo maps feature that lets users see pictures that were taken in a particular location. To enable this feature you’ll need to connect your Foursquare account to your Instagram account.


  1. Add your Instagram account link to your email signature. At the end of your email signature, a quick “Follow us on Instagram” hyperlink would work.


  1. Content is always king. Based on a recent study…
    • Posting photos is more successful than videos.
    • When the Mayfair filter is used, posts receive the most interaction compared to other filters (weird!).
    • Aim to include at least 11 hashtags on your posts for higher interaction.

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Tia Stone, Director of Marketing