Procrastinating your social media posting calendar for the month of October? Don’t fret, below we’ve provided our monthly list of suggested topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and promoting valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience – and, ultimately, to drive them to make a purchase.

Topic Ideas for Your October Marketing Calendar


#1 – Halloween

While Halloween is one of the most important American holidays for the retail industry, it’s not typically the most profitable one for fitness businesses. Instead of focusing on sales or discounts, create content that is fun, entertaining or educational.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Halloween costume ideas that are fitness/health-themed or related to your branding
  • Dress up workout on (or around) Halloween with costume contest
  • Hold a Facebook check-in challenge on (or around) Halloween
  • Write a blog about healthy and delicious Halloween treats instead of candy or the healthiest of the candy choices and share on social media

As always, make sure to encourage check-ins and tag staff and members in photos.


#2 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why not use some of your content marketing efforts for a good cause? We’ve seen fitness studios do dozens of different promotions showing their support. Some include:

  • Holding a special event fundraiser. Work with other like-minded businesses and hold an open house or social event.
  • A dedicated fundraiser workout or free community workout for donations.
  • Credit for wearing pink during the month of October. We’ve seen gyms give a point for each day the member wore pink and whoever gets the most points in October wins a prize. Try tying a check-in requirement to this and you’ll get boosted social branding too!


#3 – National Taco Day? Yes, this is real and even better than Taco Tuesday.

Now, this isn’t a topic we’d typically include in a fitness business’ content calendar, but there’s an opportunity to encourage those partaking to come into your gym to work it off! Consider posting something related to working off those taco and margarita calories.


#4 – Fall Season and Weather Changes

The CrossFit box I work out at is indoor/outdoor and doesn’t have air conditioning. When the days get up to 100+ degrees, it becomes pretty easy to talk myself out of going to class. This is an especially good time to post about weather changes if you are at an outdoor facility, do not have air conditioning, and/or live in a place where it’s been hot all summer. A couple of suggestions:

  • Post about how it’s cooled off and more comfortable to join a class
  • Post to tell folks to not skip their workout just because of rain or storms, join a class at your studio instead
  • Post daily (or weekly) reasons to love fall


#5 – Obscure Holidays

Here is a list of some of the obscure holidays happening during October that you can tailor your marketing around:

1st World Vegetarian Day

4th National Taco Day

10th National Kick Butt Day

12th International Moment of Frustration Day

19th Evaluate Your Life Day

22nd Make a Difference Day

27th Cranky Coworkers Day

29th National Cat Day

31st Halloween


Whatever content you end up creating for October, make sure it’s trending and that your demographic cares about the content. You can see trending topics by using the “news” section of Google, reviewing the “Trending” section of Facebook (right-hand column), or using Google Trends. It’s a good best practice to check through these resources on a weekly basis to see if you can implement trends in your marketing efforts. Don’t forget the relevant hashtags!
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Tia Stone, Director of Marketing