Chatbot Marketing

Millions of businesses are embracing the use of chat messaging to allow customers and prospects a frictionless service experience.

Chatbot Marketing: Making Long-Term Connections for Today and Tomorrow

Our Facebook Messenger Chatbots connect you to a massive platform that directly influences your client’s personal life, letting you reach your target audience and stay connected with them on a daily basis.

Why SWETI Chatbot Marketing?

Drive Sales

Convert customers with simple, personalized experiences.

Get More Leads

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger beats every other channel

Engage Prospects

Build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.

Always Be Selling

When a messenger bot is working for your gym/studio, important realtime information is available to your site visitors. Customers can still make purchases and get answers to their questions without any wait, and without getting frustrated that no one is available to help them.

An Immense Reach

Millions of people use messaging apps every day. When a business uses a messenger bot within these apps, that’s millions of people making up their audience. There are very few other types of online marketing, or business services for that matter, that can boast that same kind of reach.

More Consumer Data

Businesses always want to learn more about their customers so they can provide them with the products and services they need. Messenger bots allow you to see what your customers are asking, how they’re interacting with the bot, and generally get to know them better.

New Marketing Channels

The SWETI advertising team can leverage the new chatbot subscribers and advertise directly to their Facebook Messenger inboxes. We can also manage SMS text and email marketing to subscribers using this platform.

Low Cost

SWETI can create your chatbot automation, customized for your gym/studio. Once the bot is up and running, we offer an affordable management platform with low-cost advertising directly to your subscribers.

We Are A ManyChat Certified Agency Expert Partner

What’s Your Response time? Can you make it faster and better with Chatbot Marketing?

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