The team at SWETI can drive customers into your facility or to your products by hosting great events. We have found the best way to grow a fitness business is to have the right customers attend your workout or fitness program. We work with your team to schedule and host events that will grow your business. We've worked with gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, pilates studios, fitness centers, nutritionists, cryotherapy studios, personal trainers, health clubs and more! Some of the services we provide include:

Event Strategy

Design an overall event strategy that fits your target customer, location and demographic

Event Planning

Develop a 3, 6 or 12-month event plan for your business and help you implement it

Event Marketing

Market events to draw in your target customer and generate a plethora of new leads


Connect you with business partners that offer complimentary services to host strategic events


Get the Word Out

We craft press releases to announce new businesses, new locations, unique services, promotions, and more

Engage the Media

We leverage our relationships by reaching out to our contacts directly to obtain write-ups and media coverage

Media Appearances

The media often reaches out looking for ideas or contacts, we'll pass these opportunities to you

Improve SEO

Obtaining links from major media sources improves SEO for your website

"Fitness businesses too often put on events that don't yield a high return on their investment. Events can produce a large amount of prospects if executed the right way. Common mistakes we see many businesses make during events include: lack of easy process to collect contact info, no incentive for prospects to purchase, and too much money spent on unnecessary items. We have experience in planning everything from a grand opening party to an open house to a 500 person conference. Let us help you strategize your next event!"

Joe Berti

Founder, SWETI Services

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