April showers might bring May flowers, but we’re here to bring you some inspiration for next month’s content calendar. If you’re searching for content ideas for May, we’ve compiled some inspiration to help you out:

1. Countdown to Summer

Summer’s just around the corner! May is the time when people start planning their vacations and daydreaming about weekends on the beach. So, it’s a great time to encourage members to get in shape for summer! Highlight a HIIT class that’s perfect for achieving that summer body, or remind members that personal training is the perfect way to get strong for summer adventures. Your members already have summer on the brain, so capitalize on that to draw in more business.

2. National Teacher’s Day (May 9th)

While not a widely celebrated holiday, this day is a perfect time to shout out your studio’s teachers and instructors! National Teacher’s Day is a day to say thanks to the teachers in our lives, and that includes members of your team that teach clients about how to live healthy. Show them some love with a blog post that spotlights their personality or a post on social media shouting them out.

3. Mother’s Day (May 14th)

This Mother’s Day, don’t stop at just wishing moms well on Sunday the 14th. There are numerous ways to leverage this holiday for social content as well as promotions. If you’ve got products or a class pack you think mothers would love, you can promote it across your social media channels as a gift idea or even offer it at a discounted rate to drive sales. The weeks leading up to Mother’s Day are also a great time to share some “mom-themed” content — shout out some hard-working moms at your studio, or share some health tips for new parents (i.e. quick workouts for busy schedules or easy ways to boost your energy).

4. End of School

School is coming to an end this month for many students across the country! If you’ve got kids’ programs, now’s the perfect time to make sure they’re top of mind for parents. You can also promote class packs or limited-time memberships for older students who may want to take advantage of your studio during the summer break. Remind your members that a break from school doesn’t mean a break from fitness!

5. Memorial Day Weekend

Keep in mind that Memorial Day is a sensitive holiday for many. While Memorial Day weekend is commonly considered the kickoff to summer, the holiday itself is dedicated to America’s fallen soldiers. With that in mind, you can still get your members excited about the 3-day weekend leading up to Memorial Day and encourage your members to work hard before they recover hard over the break. On Memorial Day itself (May 29th), you might consider refraining from posting on your social channels or maybe post a brief thank you, commending the strength and sacrifices of American veterans and soldiers.
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Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

Your website is the hub for your studio. It shows prospects what it looks and feels like to be in your classes, highlights new and exciting workshops that can get your current members more involved, and your well-timed pop-ups are sure to turn any potential member into a lead. But, how can you increase your website traffic? There’s one simple, inexpensive resource for doing this: social media. Social media’s a powerful way to drive future and existing members to your site, and we broke down how to use your existing social pages to increase website traffic:

1. Promote your content

If you regularly publish new content to your website – a blog, new trainer bios, updated class schedules, etc. – use social media to drive clicks to those updated pages. (Not sure if you should start a blog on your site? See more about how it can improve SEO and four other Must-Haves for Your Website.) A well-timed post linking to your new content is an easy way to drive people to your website. And some content is worth publishing more than once. According to Kissmetrics, sharing the same blog post three times over the span of a month doubled clicks as opposed to sharing the blog once. So don’t be afraid to republish info about your newest class or your latest blog about eating mindfully! It will ensure fans who may be online at different times or days can still engage with the post.

How far apart you publish the same content will depend on how often you post as well as the platform itself. For example, it’s common to post multiple times a day on Twitter, so you can push the same content twice in the same week. Whereas on Facebook, you’ll probably want to space out the same content at least a week apart.


2. Leverage your content

You shared your website content on social media, and one post is seeing tons of likes, shares, and clicks. Now what? Don’t stop there! Leverage that high-performing content to drive even more members or prospects to your site. If a post is seeing a lot of engagement, it’s probably the perfect post to boost or turn into an ad campaign. Boosting or advertising high-performing content will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck — you’ve already seen that people want to engage with it, and that organic reach paired with a little monetary boost will help get your content – and therefore your website – in front of the most people.


3. Convert

At this point, you’re a social media posting pro. You’re publishing your best content multiple times or boosting your high-performing posts. You’re seeing an increase in engagement and impressions. But, how can you make sure those engaged users are converting and actually clicking to your website? An easy way to make that happen is changing up your language. According to Social Media Explorer, using the following words in social media posts saw a higher conversion rate:

Facebook – Where, When, Tell Us, Inspire, Submit, Deals, Discount, Warns, Amuses

Twitter – ReTweet, Follow, Social Media, New Blog Post, Check Out, Help, Top

LinkedIn – Created, Improved, Increased, Developed, Reduced, Researched

Google+ – Share, Promote, Increase, Create, Discover

4. Engage

If you’ve read our other posts on 4 Ways You Can Leverage Social Media to Increase Retention or 4 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Generate Leads, you already know engaging with users on your social media pages is important. But, it’s worth saying again. Engage with your users! AYTM Market Research found that 42% of Facebook users have mentioned a brand in their content, and 84% of daily Facebook users have liked a brand on that platform. Think about how many chances that creates to get your name in front of new audiences! By logging onto your pages daily to interact with users, you’ll be able to answer any questions, direct people to the right pages on your site, and keep users engaged so they’ll continue interacting with your content (and ultimately increase your website traffic!). You can also easily search your business’s name on social media platforms or use a tool like Mention to see when people are talking about your studio, even if they don’t tag your handle.
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Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

Can’t believe it’s already almost April? Don’t worry — if the new month snuck up on you, we’re here with some content marketing ideas for social media to help you finish up your April calendar. Here’s what’s going on this month:

1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

Everyone’s thinking it this time of year! And no — this slogan doesn’t just work for gardening classes. “April showers bring May flowers” reminds people that the warmer summer months are coming, so use that to your advantage! Encourage members to get a headstart on that summer body or get healthy for the the new season. You can also create some catchy slogans off the phrase itself to use in content. Here at SWETI, we’re a fan of “April hustle brings May muscle.”

2. April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

If you’re a master prankster, feel free to organize an elaborate prank for your members. If you’re like the rest of us, this can still be a fun holiday to nod to with your content. You can schedule some playful content on the first of the month, joking that members don’t have to come to class tomorrow (followed by a, gotcha! of course) or telling them today’s workout is no joke (Ba dum, tss).

3. Spring Break

Depending on which state you’re in, Spring Break may still be around the corner. Use this as an opportunity to promote day passes or smaller class packs to draw in the students who may be out of school for the week. You can also promote a “Spring Back-to-Work,” encouraging your members to step it up at the gym during their week off rather than kick back.

4. Tax Day (April 15th)

While it’s safe to say no one really enjoys doing their taxes, they certainly can enjoy their tax refund. Create a post or series of posts encouraging your members to use their refund to invest in themselves with a new membership, a class pack, a restorative treatment, etc.

5. Easter (April 16th)

Not everybody celebrates this holiday, but most people will still be inundated with chocolate bunnies, yellow Peeps, and plenty of other seasonal temptations. Even if you don’t want to wish your members a happy Easter, you can play up that commercial side of the holiday. Tell members to come “Burn their Bunnies” at spin class or “Bring Their Peeps” for a group yoga session.

6. Earth Day (April 22nd)

If you offer any outdoor classes at your studio, this is the perfect time to plug those. Call on members to enjoy the great outdoors at your class! If you don’t offer outdoor classes, you can still play up the holiday. Promote an early morning class, telling members to get their sweat on before they enjoy the beautiful day. Or, you can acknowledge the holiday in a playful way, telling members they should also celebrate “The Great Indoors” at your gym.
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Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

Putting the final touches on your social media content calendar for March? We’re here to help! These content marketing ideas will keep your pages timely and relevant, which can increase reach, engagement, and ultimately drive leads while engaging current members. Check out these ideas for some content inspiration:

Daylight Savings (March 12th)

It’s almost time to Spring forward. It could be helpful to remind your members about the time change so they don’t miss class the following day. Or, you could play up the time change in a fun way! You can tell members the best way to recover from one less hour of sleep is one hour in the gym, or tell them to “Spring forward” during that box jump.

“March Madness” (Games Begin March 14th)

Be aware that the term “March Madness” is trademarked, and therefore can’t be used in promotional content for your business unless you’re an official sponsor. However, you can certainly make references to basketball and college games since members of your gym may be carefully following — just be sure not to use any of the trademarked terms listed here.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)

Encourage members to wear green or tell them how lucky you are to have them at your studio! This is a great opportunity to even snap some photos of members dressed up in the gym and tag them on Facebook or Instagram to increase your posts’ reach.

First Day of Spring (March 20th)

Spring rains bring Summer gains! There are some fun ways to call out the change of seasons, which will be happening on the 20th. You can start reminding members to get a head start on “building their summer body,” freshen up your promotions or discounts, or encourage your members to do some Spring cleaning with their diet or fitness routine.

Obscure Holidays

Unusual holidays can be a fun way to promote a certain class or create a unique social post. Here’s what’s happening in March:

  • March 2nd – Old Stuff Day
  • March 3rd – I Want You to be Happy Day
  • March 6th – National Frozen Foods Day
  • March 14th – National Potato Chip Day
  • March 16th – Everything You Do Is Right Day
  • March 22nd – International Goof Off Day
  • March 26th – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

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Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

If you are still strategizing for your November social media calendar, then you have come to the right place! These suggestions will boost attendance in class, improve your reach on Facebook, target new prospects and satisfy current customers. Your content should reflect the month’s themes of thankfulness and giving, so take a look for some inspiration!

Topic Ideas for Your November Marketing Calendar

1 – #ThankfulThursday

Highlight instructors or trainers in your blog or on social media expressing what they are thankful for related to health and fitness. Encourage comments, shares and likes by your team to help increase engagement. This a great way to showcase your employees and incorporate the holiday. It can also be a conversation starter with your followers.

2 – Holiday Pound Prevention

Create a challenge for your members to attend a certain number of classes before Turkey Day. Encourage your members to participate by coming to class and checking in on Facebook. Consider offering a prize for those who reach a certain number of check-ins! Using a Facebook check-in challenge will expose their Facebook friends to your brand and boost attendance in your classes.




3 – Thanksgiving Day

Be sure to thank your followers and members for being a part of your #fitfam. Use a quote that expresses your gratitude or post something with some humor. Stick to your brand voice and create something that will resonate with your members.


thankful-quote-graphic-example   be-thankful-graphic-image-example   thanksgiving-work-off-the-stuffing-tomorrow-graphic-image


4 – Black Friday Giveaway

If you have merchandise or a class pack that you are willing to use for a giveaway, Black Friday is a great opportunity. Post a photo of the item on Facebook or Instagram, and have your followers comment by tagging a friend to enter. The winner and the friend will receive the prize! If the winner’s friend is not a member of your studio or gym, this is a great opportunity to get them in the door and wow them! This contest will also boost awareness for your Facebook page and Instagram profile since the members are tagging their friends.

5 – Friendsgiving is a holiday, too!

Friendsgiving is the perfect time to encourage members to bring friends or family into your studio or gym. Offer a bring a friend for FREE promotion as your gift for this fun holiday. Get new prospects in the door and leave them wanting more!

6 – Obscure Holidays

Here is a list of all of the obscure holidays happening during November. Use these holidays for unique social media posts or to promote a fun class!

November is World Vegan Month and Peanut Butter Lovers Month

November 1st – Extra Mile Day (go the extra mile)

November 8th – Tongue Twister Day

November 12th – Happy Hour Day

November 13th – World Kindness Day

November 17th – Take A Hike Day

November 22nd – Go For A Ride Day

November 26th – Small Business Saturday


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Paige Kroll, Social Media + Digital Marketing Coordinator

Procrastinating your social media posting calendar for the month of October? Don’t fret, below we’ve provided our monthly list of suggested topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and promoting valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your target audience – and, ultimately, to drive them to make a purchase.

Topic Ideas for Your October Marketing Calendar


#1 – Halloween

While Halloween is one of the most important American holidays for the retail industry, it’s not typically the most profitable one for fitness businesses. Instead of focusing on sales or discounts, create content that is fun, entertaining or educational.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Halloween costume ideas that are fitness/health-themed or related to your branding
  • Dress up workout on (or around) Halloween with costume contest
  • Hold a Facebook check-in challenge on (or around) Halloween
  • Write a blog about healthy and delicious Halloween treats instead of candy or the healthiest of the candy choices and share on social media

As always, make sure to encourage check-ins and tag staff and members in photos.


#2 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why not use some of your content marketing efforts for a good cause? We’ve seen fitness studios do dozens of different promotions showing their support. Some include:

  • Holding a special event fundraiser. Work with other like-minded businesses and hold an open house or social event.
  • A dedicated fundraiser workout or free community workout for donations.
  • Credit for wearing pink during the month of October. We’ve seen gyms give a point for each day the member wore pink and whoever gets the most points in October wins a prize. Try tying a check-in requirement to this and you’ll get boosted social branding too!


#3 – National Taco Day? Yes, this is real and even better than Taco Tuesday.

Now, this isn’t a topic we’d typically include in a fitness business’ content calendar, but there’s an opportunity to encourage those partaking to come into your gym to work it off! Consider posting something related to working off those taco and margarita calories.


#4 – Fall Season and Weather Changes

The CrossFit box I work out at is indoor/outdoor and doesn’t have air conditioning. When the days get up to 100+ degrees, it becomes pretty easy to talk myself out of going to class. This is an especially good time to post about weather changes if you are at an outdoor facility, do not have air conditioning, and/or live in a place where it’s been hot all summer. A couple of suggestions:

  • Post about how it’s cooled off and more comfortable to join a class
  • Post to tell folks to not skip their workout just because of rain or storms, join a class at your studio instead
  • Post daily (or weekly) reasons to love fall


#5 – Obscure Holidays

Here is a list of some of the obscure holidays happening during October that you can tailor your marketing around:

1st World Vegetarian Day

4th National Taco Day

10th National Kick Butt Day

12th International Moment of Frustration Day

19th Evaluate Your Life Day

22nd Make a Difference Day

27th Cranky Coworkers Day

29th National Cat Day

31st Halloween


Whatever content you end up creating for October, make sure it’s trending and that your demographic cares about the content. You can see trending topics by using the “news” section of Google, reviewing the “Trending” section of Facebook (right-hand column), or using Google Trends. It’s a good best practice to check through these resources on a weekly basis to see if you can implement trends in your marketing efforts. Don’t forget the relevant hashtags!
Need help with your marketing? SWETI Services is a fitness marketing agency that provides a full suite of marketing services designed to help fitness businesses stand out, grow, and get more customers in the door! Contact us to learn more.


Tia Stone, Director of Marketing