So, you want to run a Facebook ad for your studio? Good choice! With over a billion active users, Facebook offers unparalleled ad targeting, which means you can reach more of the right people for less cost. But, if you’ve never run a Facebook ad before, it can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve broken down what you need to know about Facebook ads.

What is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook ads are sponsored posts that can be delivered to any desired audience based on location, demographics, interest targeting and more. So, if you’re hoping to promote a strength and conditioning class for high school athletes, you can set up your ad to display only to Facebook users between the ages of 14 and 18 who are interested in sports. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like print or television, you don’t have to waste money displaying your ad to people who aren’t going to attend your class. Facebook will only serve that ad to your target demographic.

How does it work?

There are multiple different types of ads, and they all display a little differently and serve different purposes:

App Engagement: If you want to drive traffic to your new app, this type of add is meant to generate activity and get people using your technology.

App Installs: Instead of just encouraging people to try your app, this ad can actually allow them to download it with just a few clicks.

Brand Awareness: If you’re a new studio looking to get your name out there, this type of ad is a great way to make your target demographic aware of your brand. You can use any type of content for this ad, so try to get creative and think of content your ideal audience would want to engage with.

Local Awareness: Similar to brand awareness, this type of ad helps to get the word out about your studio. But in this case, you can target only people who live close to your studio.

Store Visits: This type of ad works best if you’ve got a business where customers can just pop in anytime, but may not be ideal if potential members need to make an appointment or buy a membership first. With one click, this ad gives people directions to your business.

Website Conversions: If you’re promoting a special offer or want to encourage people to sign up for a free trial, the website conversions ad is a great way to drive people directly to a landing page on your website. The goal of these ads is to have prospects take an action by clicking the link, so make sure your call-to-action is clear.

Clicks to Website: While website conversions are about having potential members take an action on your site, a clicks to website ad is about driving website traffic more generally. If you have a killer blog or in-depth guidelines for healthy eating, this type of ad will be a great way to get your content in front of more eyes. (If you want to get even more people on your site, see how to Increase Your Website Traffic in 4 Simple Steps.)

Event Ads: Have a special event coming up at your studio? Use an event ad to generate more interest and get more people excited about attending!

Offer Claim Ads: Rather than directing people to a landing page on your website, offer claim ads allow prospects to claim an offer directly on Facebook. So, if you’ve got a discounted class package or a special on gear from your online store, this is an easy way for people to make that purchase.

Lead Generation (Full Form) Ads: This ad is going to collect the most information from your potential members and generate tangible leads for your studio. It does take a little more effort and commitment from your prospects, so it can be one of the most expensive types of ads. But by directing people to enter their information right on Facebook, it’s a surefire way to generate more leads for your studio.

Page Likes: Want to bolster your presence on social media? This ad encourages people to like your Facebook page with just one click right on the ad.

Post Engagements: If you created a post on your Facebook page that did really well with your audience, consider running it as an ad, as well. Giving prospects content they can engage with can encourage them to check out your brand and give your name more visibility. (We’ve got your covered with some content inspiration, as well! Check out 5 Content Ideas for May.)

Where do I start?

If you read through all the options available to you for Facebook ads and thought to yourself, I have no idea where to start, that’s okay — you’re not alone. It’s important to create an ad that will capture your audience’s attention, but it’s even more important to give context and make your desired action clear. So before you start, make sure you’re 100% clear on what it is you’d like your audience to do. Do you want them to sign up for a class? Come in for a free intro session? Knowing what exactly you want to promote can help you decide which type of ad will be best.

And let your audience know what they will be receiving if they click your ad. The biggest mistake businesses make when running Facebook ads is making it complicated for a user to perform the call to action. Setting up complex landing pages with multiple steps is going to create drop off. Make your add attractive, easy to see what you’re offering, and simple for someone to complete the call to action.

Do they work?

Short answer: Yes. The average person spends just under two hours a day on social media, and users like, share, and comment on posts 4.1 million times every minute. There’s ample opportunity to reach people who could become members at your studio. Putting a little money behind your pages on social media will help get your content in front of the right eyes, and therefore drive more leads to your business.

Plus, Facebook offers extensive insight into how your ads are performing. Imagine knowing exactly how many eyes were on a billboard you purchased. With Facebook advertising, you can see how many people saw, clicked, or completed an action on your ad. This allows you to quickly and easily know if your ad killed it or flopped, so you won’t waste money on ads that aren’t going anywhere. With Facebook ads, you can spend smarter and drive revenue to multiple aspects of your business.

At SWETI Services, we’ve helped numerous clients set up high-performing Facebook ads that draw in more prospects and keep existing members coming back. Set up a marketing consultation with our team today to learn about how we can do that for your studio too.


Kelly Engle, Digital Marketing Specialist

April showers might bring May flowers, but we’re here to bring you some inspiration for next month’s content calendar. If you’re searching for content ideas for May, we’ve compiled some inspiration to help you out:

1. Countdown to Summer

Summer’s just around the corner! May is the time when people start planning their vacations and daydreaming about weekends on the beach. So, it’s a great time to encourage members to get in shape for summer! Highlight a HIIT class that’s perfect for achieving that summer body, or remind members that personal training is the perfect way to get strong for summer adventures. Your members already have summer on the brain, so capitalize on that to draw in more business.

2. National Teacher’s Day (May 9th)

While not a widely celebrated holiday, this day is a perfect time to shout out your studio’s teachers and instructors! National Teacher’s Day is a day to say thanks to the teachers in our lives, and that includes members of your team that teach clients about how to live healthy. Show them some love with a blog post that spotlights their personality or a post on social media shouting them out.

3. Mother’s Day (May 14th)

This Mother’s Day, don’t stop at just wishing moms well on Sunday the 14th. There are numerous ways to leverage this holiday for social content as well as promotions. If you’ve got products or a class pack you think mothers would love, you can promote it across your social media channels as a gift idea or even offer it at a discounted rate to drive sales. The weeks leading up to Mother’s Day are also a great time to share some “mom-themed” content — shout out some hard-working moms at your studio, or share some health tips for new parents (i.e. quick workouts for busy schedules or easy ways to boost your energy).

4. End of School

School is coming to an end this month for many students across the country! If you’ve got kids’ programs, now’s the perfect time to make sure they’re top of mind for parents. You can also promote class packs or limited-time memberships for older students who may want to take advantage of your studio during the summer break. Remind your members that a break from school doesn’t mean a break from fitness!

5. Memorial Day Weekend

Keep in mind that Memorial Day is a sensitive holiday for many. While Memorial Day weekend is commonly considered the kickoff to summer, the holiday itself is dedicated to America’s fallen soldiers. With that in mind, you can still get your members excited about the 3-day weekend leading up to Memorial Day and encourage your members to work hard before they recover hard over the break. On Memorial Day itself (May 29th), you might consider refraining from posting on your social channels or maybe post a brief thank you, commending the strength and sacrifices of American veterans and soldiers.
Want even more help putting together a content calendar for your studio? Schedule a marketing consultation with our team today and learn more about how we can help.

Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

Your website is the hub for your studio. It shows prospects what it looks and feels like to be in your classes, highlights new and exciting workshops that can get your current members more involved, and your well-timed pop-ups are sure to turn any potential member into a lead. But, how can you increase your website traffic? There’s one simple, inexpensive resource for doing this: social media. Social media’s a powerful way to drive future and existing members to your site, and we broke down how to use your existing social pages to increase website traffic:

1. Promote your content

If you regularly publish new content to your website – a blog, new trainer bios, updated class schedules, etc. – use social media to drive clicks to those updated pages. (Not sure if you should start a blog on your site? See more about how it can improve SEO and four other Must-Haves for Your Website.) A well-timed post linking to your new content is an easy way to drive people to your website. And some content is worth publishing more than once. According to Kissmetrics, sharing the same blog post three times over the span of a month doubled clicks as opposed to sharing the blog once. So don’t be afraid to republish info about your newest class or your latest blog about eating mindfully! It will ensure fans who may be online at different times or days can still engage with the post.

How far apart you publish the same content will depend on how often you post as well as the platform itself. For example, it’s common to post multiple times a day on Twitter, so you can push the same content twice in the same week. Whereas on Facebook, you’ll probably want to space out the same content at least a week apart.


2. Leverage your content

You shared your website content on social media, and one post is seeing tons of likes, shares, and clicks. Now what? Don’t stop there! Leverage that high-performing content to drive even more members or prospects to your site. If a post is seeing a lot of engagement, it’s probably the perfect post to boost or turn into an ad campaign. Boosting or advertising high-performing content will ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck — you’ve already seen that people want to engage with it, and that organic reach paired with a little monetary boost will help get your content – and therefore your website – in front of the most people.


3. Convert

At this point, you’re a social media posting pro. You’re publishing your best content multiple times or boosting your high-performing posts. You’re seeing an increase in engagement and impressions. But, how can you make sure those engaged users are converting and actually clicking to your website? An easy way to make that happen is changing up your language. According to Social Media Explorer, using the following words in social media posts saw a higher conversion rate:

Facebook – Where, When, Tell Us, Inspire, Submit, Deals, Discount, Warns, Amuses

Twitter – ReTweet, Follow, Social Media, New Blog Post, Check Out, Help, Top

LinkedIn – Created, Improved, Increased, Developed, Reduced, Researched

Google+ – Share, Promote, Increase, Create, Discover

4. Engage

If you’ve read our other posts on 4 Ways You Can Leverage Social Media to Increase Retention or 4 Ways You Can Use Instagram to Generate Leads, you already know engaging with users on your social media pages is important. But, it’s worth saying again. Engage with your users! AYTM Market Research found that 42% of Facebook users have mentioned a brand in their content, and 84% of daily Facebook users have liked a brand on that platform. Think about how many chances that creates to get your name in front of new audiences! By logging onto your pages daily to interact with users, you’ll be able to answer any questions, direct people to the right pages on your site, and keep users engaged so they’ll continue interacting with your content (and ultimately increase your website traffic!). You can also easily search your business’s name on social media platforms or use a tool like Mention to see when people are talking about your studio, even if they don’t tag your handle.
Want to learn about even more ways to increase your website traffic? Schedule a consultation with our team today, and see how we can help drive business for your studio.

Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist

Think back to the last business you visited. Maybe it was a restaurant down the block or another studio in your area. How did you find them? Did you research them online? If you’re like 81% of shoppers, you did. An optimized, easy-to-use website is crucial for your business since the majority of your potential members will research your studio online before joining. Whether you’re looking to create the first page for your new gym or just hoping to revamp your existing site, we’ve broken down five must-haves for your website:

1. High-quality content

When creating your site, lean heavily on images and graphics. People don’t spend time reading information on sites anymore, and you’re not going to convey what sets your business apart by telling someone — you have to show them. (To read more ways to set your studio apart, check out our blog on Marketing Your Studio to Increase New Memberships.)

You can also consider adding a blog to your site. The most important question, though, if you have one, will you do it? From an SEO-stance, a blog can boost your page ranking if you create content based on keywords you want to hone in on. For example, if you’re a Pilates studio and you specialize in Pilates for injury recovery, then a blog about “X Pilates Moves to Help Prevent Back Injury” can be a useful way of boosting your organic ranking for people searching “Pilates for back injury” or “Pilates for injury recovery.” That type of fresh content can also keep your website higher on Google searches due to their indexing system. Once a week to once a month is a good goal to start with.

2. Call-to-action buttons

When someone visits your site, what action do you want them to take? Do you want them to sign up for a membership? Join your email list? Contact you to set up a consultation? Whatever action it is you most want them to take, make sure you’ve got a clear call-to-action button. And make it specific! Contentverve found that when fitness businesses changed their call-to-action button from “Get your membership” to “Find your gym and get membership,” click-through rates increased by 200%. You can also rely on a well-timed pop-up button on your site to make sure your call-to-action gets in front of site visitors. In fact, many website owners saw up to a 40% sales increase when they used pop-ups.

3. Contact information

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to make sure your contact information is readily available. Studies show that most internet users spend fewer than 15 seconds on a given web page before leaving, so if someone can’t find your contact info in 15 seconds or less, it’s likely you’ll lose them as a potential member. Hyperlinking your contact information can increase usability, as well. This includes an email address, clickable phone number, or a “Contact Us” form for users to submit questions.

4. Mobile-responsive template

So far in 2017, over 50% of website traffic has been from a mobile phone. Even Google found that 61% of its users were unlikely to return to a site if they had trouble accessing it on mobile. So, ensuring your website adapts to any mobile device and has a smooth user interface is crucial. You can do this by either selecting a responsive website template that already works on desktop, tablets and mobile, or developing a mobile-responsive site yourself.

5. Ability to track metrics

While website traffic won’t mean much to your site visitors, it’s important for you as the website owner to know what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics and Insights give a great rundown of website traffic data. You can get an idea of the number of visitors to the website with a breakdown of first-time visitors vs. returning visitors. You can even see the average amount of time a user spends on your website and the pages they are spending their time on. Month-over-month, you will be able to see which pages are most helpful to your visitors so that when you make any changes to your website, you can be strategic about the content you’re adding.
To learn more, schedule your free marketing consultation with us today! We’d love to talk about how our team can help optimize your studio’s website and drive more leads to your business.


Madi Ricci, Account Manager

Can’t believe it’s already almost April? Don’t worry — if the new month snuck up on you, we’re here with some content marketing ideas for social media to help you finish up your April calendar. Here’s what’s going on this month:

1. April Showers Bring May Flowers

Everyone’s thinking it this time of year! And no — this slogan doesn’t just work for gardening classes. “April showers bring May flowers” reminds people that the warmer summer months are coming, so use that to your advantage! Encourage members to get a headstart on that summer body or get healthy for the the new season. You can also create some catchy slogans off the phrase itself to use in content. Here at SWETI, we’re a fan of “April hustle brings May muscle.”

2. April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

If you’re a master prankster, feel free to organize an elaborate prank for your members. If you’re like the rest of us, this can still be a fun holiday to nod to with your content. You can schedule some playful content on the first of the month, joking that members don’t have to come to class tomorrow (followed by a, gotcha! of course) or telling them today’s workout is no joke (Ba dum, tss).

3. Spring Break

Depending on which state you’re in, Spring Break may still be around the corner. Use this as an opportunity to promote day passes or smaller class packs to draw in the students who may be out of school for the week. You can also promote a “Spring Back-to-Work,” encouraging your members to step it up at the gym during their week off rather than kick back.

4. Tax Day (April 15th)

While it’s safe to say no one really enjoys doing their taxes, they certainly can enjoy their tax refund. Create a post or series of posts encouraging your members to use their refund to invest in themselves with a new membership, a class pack, a restorative treatment, etc.

5. Easter (April 16th)

Not everybody celebrates this holiday, but most people will still be inundated with chocolate bunnies, yellow Peeps, and plenty of other seasonal temptations. Even if you don’t want to wish your members a happy Easter, you can play up that commercial side of the holiday. Tell members to come “Burn their Bunnies” at spin class or “Bring Their Peeps” for a group yoga session.

6. Earth Day (April 22nd)

If you offer any outdoor classes at your studio, this is the perfect time to plug those. Call on members to enjoy the great outdoors at your class! If you don’t offer outdoor classes, you can still play up the holiday. Promote an early morning class, telling members to get their sweat on before they enjoy the beautiful day. Or, you can acknowledge the holiday in a playful way, telling members they should also celebrate “The Great Indoors” at your gym.
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Nicole Gartside, Social Media Strategist